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AZONETA Teacher training program

We are excited to announce the AZONETA Teacher Training Program, in partnership with 1MillionTeachers.

This grant will be awarded to 1000 teachers and teacher college students across sub-Saharan Africa. The beneficiaries of this grant will receive lifetime access to the 1MillionTeachers online digital platform where they will be enrolled in the Black Belt Program. This program will give teachers additional training in areas such as classroom management, educational pedagogy and best practices, along with assessment design and educational leadership. It is our hope to fully equip teachers with the training and skills they will need to further enrich their teaching and make an impact in the lives of their students across Nigeria.

We are asking the AZONETA community help us spread the word to anyone who might be interested in this opportunity. Please direct them to where they can find the applicant requirements and application – it can be found directly on our landing page.

Together we can “Build A Better Tomorrow”.

Click here to apply

47 thoughts on “AZONETA Teacher training program”

      1. I have applied , but it was only one page , is that all you need to apply in the Google forms? Just name, number and school you are studying in or is there more ?

  1. This is a very beautiful program more of it should be done to develop the interest of our dear student toward education,and they should be a kind of scholarship program in education also to motivate student in selecting educational courses in our institution.
    I believe no Nation can exist without teacher,their well being should e consider.

    Teacher is the nation builder’s.
    Obalowu bolaji lukmon
    Proudly early childhood educator

  2. Ekrika Blessing Ebiyerin

    It’s nice such an organisation exist, it will not only change the lives of the teacher but the children as well, kudos to the AZONETA team

  3. I am interested I am teacher that has passion for children.
    Teachers are nation moulder refiner and builder.
    I am interested in this grant, to create more avenue for learners in area,
    And improve and further my education in education sector

  4. Oluwatoye Peter Oluwafemi

    I just applied. I am a teacher. I have NCE from the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, Oyo Stat, Nigeria, where I studied English Language and the Education for the Gifted and talented. I finished with 13points out of 15 points (overall).

    I’m now teaching at a private primary school in Lagos (mainland).

    I have followed on Instagram, Facebook and on YouTube.

    I would be eternally grateful if selected for the teachers’ great.

    Many thanks and I hope to hear back soon.

    Oral-Peter Oluwatoye Oluwafemi.

  5. Nasir Alebiosu-Ogunmade

    This is a laudable project by Azoneta and I am glad a friend told me about the training grant. I look forward to being selected. Thanks.

  6. I have come across this information by a friend sharing the link. I am very interested in this program. Too interested! How can I get enrolled?

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