Textbooks and Stationary

As part of our commitment towards to advancing education across rural communities, we donated back to school supplies to Community School, Umuchu in Anambra State, Nigeria. We donated English and Igbo textbooks, pens, pencils, erasers across the Primary 1 to Primary 6 class levels.

September School Supplies

Recently donated back to school supplies to Community Secondary School, Ibughubu, Umuchu in Anambra State, Nigeria. This includes stationary items such as pens, pencils, whiteboards, markers, exercise books.

Whiteboards and Markers

Teachers at Ogbarimgba Nursery and Primary School in Anambra State, Nigeria, lacked whiteboards and markers required to teach. We recently donated nine (9) whiteboards, a box of markers and a box of fillers to ensure sustainability should they have the need for additional supply of markers.

Desks for Ogbarimgba

We completed the donation of 56 school desks to Ogbarimgba School. These desks will seat children from Primary 1 to Primary 6. This completes our commitment to seat 100 children in Ogbarimgba Nursery and Primary School. Thank you to all our donors for making this be reality and for creating a better learning environment to […]

International Literacy Day 2021

We continue to remain committed to the advancement of education most especially in improving literacy amongst children across the nursery and primary school levels. In recognition of the International Literacy Day, we decided to announce that by the end of the year, we would have shipped over 2,000 books to Nigeria. These books will be […]

The Trinitarian Foundation

In recognition of the International Day of Charity (September 5th), our volunteer Chinenye Egbunonu previously paid a visit to the Trinitarian Foundation for Orphans and the Helpless located in Ugwudunu, Neni, Anambra State, Nigeria. They have about 50 children in their care, ranging in ages from newborns to 18 years old. They intermittently have an […]