Empowering Education: Transforming Classrooms with School Desks

We recently made a significant impact by donating 20 school desks to Ogbarimbga School, providing seating for 100 nursery-level children. The desks are crucial; before, children sat on concrete floors due to funding and water damage.

Image of children sitting on concrete floors. Making the case for school desks.

Our donation aims to provide a comfortable learning environment, ensuring proper seating arrangements for young learners to support their education. With each desk accommodating up to five children, we’re maximizing the impact of our contribution, allowing more students to benefit.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to continuing our efforts to support Ogbarimbga School. We plan to fundraise for desks for Primary 1 to 6 students in the coming months. By addressing the needs of these older students, we aim to enhance the learning experience for all children at the school.

Donated school desks are being displayed.

Our donation of school desks represents just one aspect of our broader mission to improve educational facilities and resources in underserved communities. Through initiatives like these, we strive to empower students with the tools they need to succeed academically and reach their full potential.

Donated school desks with students rejoicing.

Join us in our mission to transform education by supporting initiatives like donating school desks. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in students’ lives and contribute to advancing education in our communities.

Check out our TikTok video below showcasing the impact of your generosity:


Please spread the word and stay updated by following us on social media and visiting our website. Together, let’s continue building a brighter future for all students.

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Eric Osuorah

Eric Osuorah is a social entrepreneur and the Director at AZONETA Corp., a Canadian charity.

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