#WorldTeachersDay 2021

On World Teacher’s Day, we celebrate teachers all over the globe.

Teachers continuously play a key role in our lives, they are the conveyors of knowledge and our biggest supporters. Outside the foundational knowledge attained from parents, teachers support, guide and help shape young minds. In fact, one may argue that a good teacher is as important to a child’s development as a good parent.

Unfortunately, in many countries across the globe, we continue to see teachers experience various challenges ranging from poor or non-existent salaries, to the lack of training, or poor teaching environments and conditions. We see a lot of these challenges come from developing countries within sub-Saharan Africa. This creates a vicious cycle where the lack of teachers will result in fewer children in classrooms. 

AZONETA remains committed towards the advancement of education especially within rural communities in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. In the course of the year, we have made tremendous strides in our effort to support quality education. Please take the time to visit our website to see some of the work we have done in regards to education.

A few months ago, we decided to support 1,000 teachers across sub-Saharan Africa through our partnership  with 1 Million Teachers. To date we have provided over 800 of these teachers with access to an online digital learning platform to help upgrade their skills. 

We are hopeful that this program will offer the following advantages:

  • Students experience a better learning outcome
  • Teachers hone and upgrade their skills
  • Teachers acquire proper organization, planning and leadership skills
  • Teachers gain knowledge and industry insight
  • Teachers become motivated to continually seek professional development

AZONETA would also like to recognize the teachers who have already completed this program, within just a month of it’s launch. These exceptional educators continue to inspire us, even with the challenges and limitations they face. They chose to push through and this is why teachers like these will be successful in and out of their classrooms.

We commend their efforts!

It is our sincere hope that all citizens and governments across the globe, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, make the changes necessary to make education more accessible to children and even more importantly, support our teachers. They provide the foundation required to make our children successful future leaders.

Thank you.

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Eric Osuorah

Eric Osuorah is a social entrepreneur and the Director at AZONETA Corp., a Canadian charity.

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