2024 Empower Your Community Project – Impacting Communities across SSA.

AZONETA has launched its latest project, “Empower Your Community Project,” which aims to actively empower communities across sub-Saharan Africa and make a tangible difference in their development. As we embark on this journey, we’re thrilled to announce our exploration of various social impact projects, each with the potential to transform lives and foster sustainable change.

From empowering young girls through a reusable pad initiative, driving quality education through school renovations, and advancing digital literacy for young minds to addressing poverty alleviation and zero hunger through a community garden project, our projects span a spectrum of pressing needs in the region. What sets this initiative apart is its foundation in community engagement and empowerment.

At AZONETA, we believe in the power of communities to drive meaningful change. As a result, we are turning to our community to guide and select our projects. By considering sustainability, impact, and budget, we aim to ensure that our efforts yield lasting benefits for those we serve.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support. We invite our readers, donors, and advocates to join us. Your voice matters. Vote for the project that resonates with you, and please contribute to its realization. Together, we can make a difference and create a better tomorrow for all.

Explore the following sections to learn more about each project and how you can get involved.

Ansarul Primary School Repair Community Project, Sierra Leone – Augustine Macarthy

The Ansarul Primary School in Foya-Wulleh, Moyamba District, relies on community support and local contributions to offer free primary education to 183 underprivileged children.

However, the school faces significant challenges, including inadequate facilities and resources. The classrooms lack basic amenities like windows and doors, with dusty floors and insufficient seating. This environment hampers learning and exposes children to pollution.

To address these issues, the first phase of our project aims to refurbish the school by installing windows, doors, and concrete flooring. This initiative will create a conducive learning environment, benefiting the entire community.

With your support, we can ensure every child receives a quality education.

Ansarul Primary School - Community Project
Ansarul Primary School - Community Project

Hope Again Reusable Pads Initiative, Uganda – Peace Amolo

Challenges like early pregnancies and marriages have long hindered girls’ education in Uganda. However, another significant barrier has emerged: period poverty. This refers to the lack of access to menstrual education and sanitary products.

Despite efforts from NGOs, CBOs, and various projects, not all regions have received adequate support. A recent news report highlighted the ongoing struggle in the Busoga region, where 23% of girls drop out of school annually due to factors like early marriages, pregnancies, the stigma surrounding menstruation, and persistent myths.

We are taking action to tackle this pressing issue. Our initiative involves training girls in selected schools to make reusable sanitary towels, maintain hygiene during their periods, and provide comprehensive menstrual and reproductive health education.

Join us in breaking the cycle of period poverty and empowering girls through education. Together, we can make a difference.

Image 1 - Hope Again Community Project
Image 2 - Hope Again Community Project
Image 3 - Hope Again Project

RACO Orphanage Community Toilet Renovation, Nigeria – Daniel Awo-Osagie

The RACO Child and Rural Care Initiative Orphanage, situated in the rural communities of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, is committed to providing shelter, education, and care for orphans, displaced poor, and abandoned children.

A crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being of these children is the provision of adequate sanitation facilities. To address this need, the project proposal focuses on completing five ensuite toilets to serve the 72 children residing in the orphanage (excluding staff).

The primary objectives of this initiative are the following:

  • Enhance hygiene and sanitation standards
  • Provide convenient and safe toilet facilities for the children
  • Contribute to the overall health and well-being of both the children and staff members.

The project scope includes the construction of ensuite toilets with individual washbasins, installation of plumbing and sewage systems, provision of sanitary fittings such as toilets, taps, and hand-washing facilities, and connection to the existing sewage system.

Image 1 of the toilet for the RACO Orphanage Community Toilet Renovation project.
Image 2 of the toilet for the RACO Orphanage Toilet Renovation project.
Image 3 of the toilet for the RACO Orphanage Community Toilet Renovation project.

Peculiar People’s Academy School Renovation, Nigeria – Emmanuel Adediji

Peculiar People’s Academy, dedicated to providing quality and affordable education to underprivileged children in Okungbolu Village, Ogun State, faced a setback when heavy storms during the rainy season caused the collapse of their school building.

Currently, students are forced to utilize an uncompleted building, hindering their education. To address this, the project aims to complete the construction of a safe and adequate school building, providing a conducive learning environment for the village’s underprivileged children. This involves completing the abandoned classrooms due to insufficient funds. We’re reaching out to AZONETA for support in this crucial endeavour.

With your help, we can rebuild our academy and ensure that every child in our community has access to quality education.

Join us in empowering these young minds and shaping a brighter future for the Okungbolu Community.

Image 1 of children attending classes outdoor. Peculiar People's Academy School Renovation Project
Image 2 of children attending classes outdoor. Peculiar People's Academy School Renovation Project
Image 3 of children attending classes outdoor. Peculiar People's Academy School Renovation Project

Desks for All Project, Ghana – Francis Adu Afari

The “Desks For All,” an initiative dedicated to providing essential classroom furniture to schools in need. Last year, AZONETA kickstarted this project by generously donating 25 desks to Asukyerema D/A Basic School in the Upper West Akim district.

Building on the success of last year’s efforts, we want to continue the mission by donating another 25 pieces of dual desks to Asukyerema D/A Primary School. Despite previous interventions, the school still struggles to provide adequate desks for its students.

It’s disheartening to see that some classes continue to have three students squeezed onto desks meant for two, hindering effective teaching and learning. By addressing this pressing need, we aim to create a more comfortable and conducive learning environment for these children.

With your support, we can ensure that every child at Asukyerema D/A Primary School has access to a proper desk, empowering them to thrive academically.

Image showing a classroom filled with students - Desk for all project
Image showing a classroom filled with students - Desk for all project
Image showing a classroom filled with students - Desk for all project

Byte Wise Nairobi Digital Literacy Hub, Kenya – Kennedy Otieno

The Byte Wise Nairobi Digital Literacy Hub project is driven by a profound commitment to SDG 4 (Quality Education). It aims to establish a sustainable impact in the education sector by introducing digital library services. The project targets Ruaraka’s informal settlements, recognizing the need for basic computer skills crucial for employment in today’s digital era.

This initiative addresses digital literacy gaps among children in the community by providing essential hardware and software training. Despite its limitations, including pending items like desks and seats, the project utilizes an existing traditional library for digital learning.

A dedicated day once a week will be allocated to digital learning sessions facilitated by a computer tutor for registered associates. Commencing with 15 associates, the project plans to train them for three months before expanding further.

Through the Byte Wise Digital Literacy Hub, Ruaraka’s youth begin a journey toward a promising digital future, armed with vital skills.

Join us in shaping the next generation through digital education.

Image showing a traditional library in sub-Saharan Africa.
Image of a young girl reading a book in a traditional library in sub-Saharan Africa.
Image of children reading books in a traditional community library in sub-Saharan Africa.

Community Garden Project, Zimbabwe – Pardon Maguta

The Community Garden Project is being launched in response to the pressing need for nutritious food in the community. This initiative is especially significant during a year marked by rising living costs due to poor harvests.

The project aims to achieve two main objectives: improving access to balanced diets for beneficiaries and contributing to the broader goal of achieving Zero Hunger, a key Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). By cultivating their own produce, the community is taking proactive steps to address food insecurity and promote healthier eating habits.

Furthermore, the project will sell surplus produce from the garden to sustain itself, generating additional income to address other community needs. Together, they are cultivating not just vegetables but also a healthier, more resilient community.

Join them in making a tangible difference in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.


In conclusion, every project highlighted here plays a crucial role in transforming communities and empowering individuals. Your support and engagement are vital in determining which projects AZONETA will execute. We urge you to review each project and cast your vote through the provided link below:

Voting is now closed!

Additionally, as you vote for a project, consider making a donation. With your generosity, we can execute more than one project, making an even greater impact. Rest assured, as a registered charity, all donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of your contribution goes directly towards funding these projects.

Join us in making a difference today and building toward a better tomorrow!

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